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1-to-1 online maths tuition from just £1 per week.

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TUTOR is the most complete and only truly mastery-based source of online maths tuition.

  • Delivered by expert maths educators
  • 1-to-1 instruction and always specific to each individual's needs
  • Continually diagnosing and adapting to your needs
  • Genuinely complementing more formal learning
  • Providing actionable data for use at scale
  • Able to cover any aspect of mathematics, from numeracy to Further Maths

TUTOR is for everyone.

  • Whatever level of maths, whatever the institution type, get pinpointed support at the right level
  • Receive tuition on anything from counting to calculus
  • TUTOR provides unlimited tutoring time for just £1 per week for educational institutions

TUTOR helps teachers.

  • The pedagogical and didactical approaches at the heart of TUTOR are rigorous and very deliberately designed
  • Provides real time analysis & reports
  • Indicates progress and level of maths, as well as identifying gaps in knowledge
  • Gives teachers and lecturers what they need to support classroom learning

TUTOR believes that everyone has mathematical potential.

  • We do not accept the often held belief that some people cannot be successful in maths. Yes they can, every one of them.
  • Being mathematical is not correlated with socioeconomic advantage. It is the result of a high quality educational experience.
  • The disadvantaged are being failed by the current national provision. Without a suitable alternative, we have set about providing something that works, for a price all educational establishments can comfortably afford.

If you share our belief that high quality, personalised tuition that supports classroom learning is the right of EVERYONE, please watch a recording of our Founder/CEO Mark McCourt talking through what has brought literally hundreds of schools to our door since we launched TUTOR:

1-to-1 tuition for just £1 per pupil per week

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