• Saturday 11th March 2023

  • 8.30am — 4.30pm

  • Brakenhale School, Bracknell

"In the 59 years I've been on the planet, MathsConf has been the best day of maths ed I've ever experienced. Thank you so much, one and all! Still on a high... "


We're back with our 31st Complete Mathematics Conference, aka #MathsConf31!

Bringing together hundreds of maths teachers from all phases of education to collaborate and learn from each other.

The perfect way to spend a Saturday with easily digestible mathematics wisdom from educators around the country.


  • 08.30
    Grab your badge and first coffee of the day
  • 09.30
    Welcome and introduction, Mark McCourt, Chief Executive, Complete Mathematics and Main Sponsor, Andrew Taylor, AQA
  • 10.10
    Period 1
  • 11.00
    Morning break
    Chance to grab some exhibition goodies
  • 11.20
    Period 2
  • 12:10
    Morning Break
    Hunt down our treasure hunt clues
  • 12:30
    Period 3
  • 13:20
    Check out and taste test Maths inspired cakes or why not join the Tweetup?
  • 14:10
    Period 4
  • 15:00
    Afternoon Break
    Have a stretch and grab a final cup of tea
  • 15:20
    Period 5
  • 16:10
    Join the final remarks, including charity raffle draw — will you be a lucky winner?


Brakenhale School
Rectory Lane
RG12 7BA

Workshop Leaders

Are you Positive or Negative about using a Rekenrek in Secondary School?

Amy How @rekenrek101

Perhaps you are curious… or even sceptical? This is your chance to have a go at a few hands-on tasks to teach deeper understanding addition and subtraction of positive and negative integers. If you are interested in encouraging mathematical talk, reasoning, deeper understanding and daily practice in a hands-on visual method, then this session is for you. You truly have to see it to believe it. You will be amazed at how this tool can be the mess-free answer for children developing deeper understanding of number sense while naturally engaging in rich mathematical talk. Join in on this introductory rekenrek workshop and hopefully you too will be singing the praises of this simple tool.

Graphical transformations - a pervasive idea

Robert Southern @mrsouthernmaths

Students usually start Year 12 with some knowledge of graphical transformations, but they often do not understand why they work. In this session, we will explore:

  • How to introduce graphical transformations and ensure understanding.
  • When to use transformations to help sketch graphs (and when not to!)
  • How an understanding of graphical transformations can support learning in other topics.

This session is aimed at anyone teaching or looking to teach A level Maths. Be prepared to do lots of Maths in the session. I will be bringing the A3 whiteboards!

Everybody Loves Pythagoras

Jo Morgan @mathsjem

We love teaching Pythagoras! It's accessible, challenging, engaging, memorable and important. What a topic. In this workshop we'll look at loads of cool tasks and ideas for teaching Pythagoras' Theorem.

Approaching a concept coherently

Peter Mattock @MrMattock

During this workshop we will examine some concepts that span school-level maths and explore how we can structure them coherently through a curriculum. We will think about the pre-requisite knowledge that pupils will require as well as what we will want pupils to learn and do at each stage. Delegates will have the chance to discuss and develop ideas together that they can take back into their curriculum and lesson planning.

Building Maths around EHCP outcomes

Jack Hancock

The majority of students who have SEND and SEMH needs also have Educational Health Care Plans (EHCP). One of the findings which came up in an independent visitation of the college I teach in was to ensure that outcomes on student EHCP plans were addressed in lesson planning and lesson delivery. This session creatively explores how teachers, teaching assistants and SENCOs can ensure that students meet their EHCP outcomes in Maths. Additionally, we will cover how to record progression within recording evidence too.

Teaching with an infinite canvas from a tablet

Jake Gordon @JakeGMaths

By teaching with a tablet (or phone) from anywhere in the room, you're freed from the whiteboard at the front of your class.

I'll show you how to use a free online infinite whiteboard (https://www.mathsuniverse.com/infinity - created by me) to get between the desks and edit your lessons as you go.

This session is aimed at those who like to explore new possibilities with technologies, and particularly those frustrated by the shortcomings of PowerPoint, OneNote, ActiveInspire or SMART Notebook.

Be prepared to get involved. Ideally bring a phone tablet, laptop... or all three.


Maths Cake Competition

Our cake competition is always a highlight of the day. Dozens of delegates battle it out to be crowned the winner of the maths-themed cake bake-off.

Be sure to check out your colleagues' handywork on Twitter at #MC31Cake. And, of course, remember to tweet a picture of your own cake before you finish it all! We know how delicious they are!

Treasure Hunt

Throughout the day you will have a collection of mathematical questions that you need to find and solve, with each question labelled with a greek letter. Solve the questions, and using our cipher, convert the greek letters to give you a mathematical word. If you get the correct word, you will be entered into a prize draw and be in with a the chance of winning an Amazon Fire Tablet.

Charity Raffle

As with all of our conferences, we want to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to contribute to worthy cause! We will be running a raffle where you can win a selection of mathematical prizes, with all proceeds going to the Macmillan Cancer Support.

Friday Night Meet-up

It's a MathsConf tradition for delegates arriving on Friday to meet up at a local bar to catchup with the community, network and talk all things mathematics.

We'll be sending out further information to all ticket holders nearer the time.

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