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Our Maths Team is ready to assist with all facets of maths leadership at your school, from curriculum planning and teaching improvements to team leadership and intervention strategies. Explore the list below to see how we can enhance your school's maths education.

What we offer

Early Career Teacher Mentoring

Embarking on a teaching career can be equally exciting and overwhelming. Our mentoring scheme is designed precisely to support your new teacher during these critical years. This scheme is an exceptional opportunity for your staff to tap into an additional well of experience and learn from those who have walked the path before. The mentoring journey will not only make you staff better educators but will also inspire and empower your students to excel in Maths.

Departmental Meeting Drop-Ins

A member of the Maths Team can become a virtual part of your maths department for discussing issues which are pertinent to you. This might be a live, question-and-answer style session, or could be a pre-recorded 10-15 minute segment looking at an area of teaching mathematics important to you and your department.

Head of Department Mentoring

Whether you're stepping into a Head of Department role for the first time, or have been in post for a few years, it is always a challenging job. Our scheme provides you with mentors experienced in department leadership, offering insights on strategic planning, staff management, and fostering a positive learning environment.

School Visits

A member of the Maths Team will visit your school to complete a departmental review or deliver bespoke CPD on an aspect of teaching mathematics pertinent to your setting. The Maths Team can also help you choose an appropriate CPD session from our large 'back catalogue'.

The Process

Step 1.

Press the button below and complete the subsequent form detailing the support you are interested in.

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Step 2.

We will process your request and get in touch with any immediate questions we have.

Step 3.

We will send a bespoke proposal back to you with details on the structure of the support we will offer, and a quote for the cost.

Step 4.

We then work collaboratively to ensure the support is tailored to you and your setting.

Our Maths Team

Stuart Welsh

Stuart, our Head of Maths, brings over 16 years of teaching experience across diverse curricula to lead our Maths Team at Complete Mathematics. He's an active voice in the maths community, frequently contributing to journals, podcasts, and authoring textbooks.

Jonathan Hall

With over 18 years in Maths education, Jonathan has made significant contributions to the maths community with the creation of several wellknown websites, most notably MathsBot widely used by millions each year. An active participant in conferences and on social media, he shares innovative classroom ideas and resources.

Kieran Mackle

A Primary Maths Specialist with a passion for evidence-informed practice, Kieran spent years teaching in socio-economically disadvantaged areas before joining our Maths Team in 2022. He's the author of two books on primary maths and hosts a dedicated education podcast, 'Thinking Deeply about Primary Education'.

Robert Smith

Our Maths Community Lead has a decade of experience in teaching and a longstanding association with the East Midlands Maths community. Rob has a long history of leading and organizing numerous CPD days, Masterclasses, and other engaging maths sessions.

Dave Taylor

Known as 'The Master of Fluency Practice', Dave, creator of the award-winning 'Increasingly Difficult Questions' site, brings 13 years of teaching experience from inner-city Leeds to Complete Maths. Leaving his leadership role, Dave now focuses on aiding disadvantaged students nationwide.