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Complete Mathematics Associate

Opens: Friday 15th September

Closes: Monday 16th October

Job Description

Complete Mathematics provides professional development, coaching, mentoring, school improvement services, curriculum services, assessment, monitoring, tracking, teaching and learning materials, and virtual tuition to thousands of schools, colleges, pupils and families across the UK and around the world.

The delivery of our services is world class.  We have extensive knowledge and expertise in mathematics education and have built up enormous networks of mathematics teachers and educators globally.

In order to provide the very best products and services to schools and colleges everywhere, we augment our expert internal education team with a team of Complete Mathematics Associates.

Complete Mathematics Associates work on a freelance basis and are able to benefit from a wide variety of projects to work on throughout the year (note: since we service a global community, our services are year round rather than confined to the UK school calendar, meaning associates have the ability to earn a living throughout the year).

Occassionally, we expand our Associate team.  This autumn 2023 call for new associates will see additional expert educators join our associate community.  Please note, if you are already a Complete Mathematics Associate (i.e. you have carried out contracted work for us in the past such as authoring or training), there is no need to reapply.

We are a company with a moral purpose.  We believe that should permeate everything we do.  Our contract terms and conditions are class leading and we believe in fair pay for quality work.  Contract values vary depending on the nature of the project and the skill level required.

We welcome applications from all mathematics teachers and educators who have the demonstrable experience to work at this level.

There is no minimum or maximum time commitment.  Complete Mathematics Associates have access to a wide range of potential projects, which they can ask to be included in.  This means our associates can work very flexibly and fit in with our employment or commitments.

We have no preconceived idea of what an associate looks like: you might currently be a full time freelancer or you might be a classroom teacher looking to take on additional challenges.  We don't mind.  The only thing that matters is your unwavering commitment to the impact mathematics education can have in transforming lives and your expertise in the areas of work you select on the application form.

All Complete Mathematics Associates will undergo an online induction / training session with our founder, Mark McCourt.  These sessions are held online during the evening.

Ongoing mentoring and quality assurance will be provided to all associates.

If you would like to have a detailed discussion about becoming a Complete Mathematics Associate, join us at the Complete Mathematics Conference on 7th October in Knottingley, Leeds.