Bridging Educational Gaps and Empowering Independent Learning with TUTOR


In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for innovative solutions to personalise learning and address gaps in students' understanding.

Sara Xavier, Head of Mathematics at Mallaig High School, described the core problem: "A lot of our students came through with gaps in their learning particularly with the background of COVID... You find students have gaps in their prior learning meaning they can’t progress with the future learning - they don’t have the base understanding".

The Challenge

Before the implementation of Complete Mathematics and the platform, the school faced a significant challenge in personalising learning for students. The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic accentuated the existing problem of students having gaps in their prior learning. Increased absenteeism further complicated the situation, leaving educators grappling with the task of filling these gaps without disrupting the overall class progression.

Discovery of Complete Mathematics TUTOR and the Decision Making Process

The school initially became acquainted with Complete Mathematics through the platform, which was already in use - “We knew about when it came along because we were part of the family already."

The decision to choose Complete Mathematics and the platform was influenced by the recognition that the system goes beyond traditional approaches.

"The key difference between Complete Mathematics and other systems... is you're not expecting kids to read a couple of work examples and then magically understand how to do it.".

Instead, it provides comprehensive teaching videos for every learning objective, ensuring that students have access to quality instruction, enabling independent learning.

The key differentiator was the emphasis on good teaching, incorporating pedagogical techniques such as practical models, number lines, and concrete materials.

“They are subject experts in the videos, who show real understanding and pedagogy within the videos so there’s genuine teaching methods behind it.”

The platform features primary practitioners teaching primary-level content, ensuring a level of expertise and understanding crucial for addressing foundational gaps.

“It takes a little bit of trust at first, but as we've integrated it into our teaching, we've seen how the platform caters to the individual needs of our students. It's become a trusted tool in our educational toolbox”

Implementation Strategies

"As a teacher, having trust in the platform is crucial. The teaching videos, the comprehensive content, it's all there. It gives me confidence that my students are receiving quality instruction even when I'm not physically present."

The implementation of Complete Mathematics and the platform since originally adopting it at the school has been a versatile and comprehensive effort. It has been incorporated into various aspects of teaching and learning, including:
  • Cover Lessons: The platform is utilised effectively during cover lessons, ensuring that students at different levels can continue learning independently, based on their diagnosed gaps with the necessary pedagogy and expertise needed for each students’ needs.

  • Homework: Some students use the platform for homework, particularly those who may struggle with traditional differentiation. It provides a tailored approach to meet individual Needs.

  • Intervention: In-class testing identifies areas where students need additional support. is then used to create bespoke courses for targeted intervention, addressing specific gaps.

Impact on School and Students

The implementation of Complete Mathematics and the platform has brought about significant positive changes:
  • Empowering Independent Learning: Students are taking more responsibility for their learning, actively identifying areas of struggle and using to bridge gaps independently. This has directly correlated with the cultural shift within the school, as the school is fostering a culture where students recognize the importance of addressing their own learning needs and actively seek out resources like for support. One student who joined from an English school - with a very different curriculum said "I can see this is going to make a real difference to me... It's been really helpful."

  • Effective Catch-Up: The platform has proven instrumental in catch-up work, especially for students who join with gaps in their prior education. Teaching assistants help to use with these pupils to provide targeted support. Sara also goes on to mention how can be used as a CPD platform to Upskill these teaching assistants in future - "For schools with teaching assistants looking to upskill and contribute to students' learning, Complete Mathematics and TUTOR is an excellent resource. It not only empowers students but also provides valuable CPD opportunities for staff."

  • Data Driven Decisions: The analytics that contains allow for data driven decisions to be made, to ensure you’re able to identify and target weak points in areas, but also where higher attainers may need some extension or pushing. "With the analytics page, we have precise data on which goals students are struggling with. This data-driven approach builds trust because we can see exactly where the strengths and weaknesses lie."

Customer Service and Support

The school acknowledges the excellent customer service and support provided by the Complete Mathematics team - "It's excellent... you guys have always been really happy to give up your time to walk me through things. The team has been responsive, going above and beyond to address any technical issues and offering support through meeting with the team."

Recommendation and Future Considerations

The school highly recommends Complete Mathematics and the platform, especially for its individualised approach and the positive impact on student learning - "I highly recommend Complete Mathematics for their individualised approach. It's not a one-size-fits-all solution; it fits to your individual student.".

A suggestion for future improvements includes expanding the platform to cover more applied mathematics topics, providing students with a broader understanding of real-world applications. When referring to meeting a school’s curriculum goals Sara said - "I recommend Complete Mathematics and to schools aiming to meet curriculum goals effectively. The platform aligns with educational objectives and provides a comprehensive resource for both teachers and students."

In Summary

Complete Mathematics and the platform have proven to be invaluable tools in addressing the challenges of personalised learning and filling educational gaps. This case study with Mallaig High School illustrates how these resources contribute to fostering independent learning, empowering students, and creating a positive shift in the culture of education within the school.