STEP Academy Trust partners with Complete Maths to make high quality maths training available to all their teachers

on 25 June 2021
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STEP will use Complete Mathematics products across their schools — including everything needed to improve the teaching of Mathematics across all year groups.

London, United Kingdom: Complete Mathematics and STEP Academy Trust inaugurate a partnership to mark their shared commitment of providing the best training to Maths Teachers at the most accessible and inclusive price. Dubbed the “perfect partnership” by both sides thanks to the natural alignment in their values, STEP Academy Trust and Complete Maths believe what they are able to accomplish together is as close to true mastery as one can get in the current system. STEP Academy Trust has been singularly focused on embedding mastery within all its schools, and believe they have found the perfect product to align with their mission, and their approach. The impact of this shared vision now culminates in their alliance with Complete Maths, and with it a joint commitment to providing the very best outcomes for pupils.

The Complete Maths product suite is designed to support teachers at every level: Complete Maths CLASSROOM contains everything teachers need to teach, learn and assess Maths in a way that is both highly flexible and inherently diagnostic: the core tenets of mastery teaching. Then, through Complete Maths TUTOR, teachers can enrol pupils on a bespoke, 1-1 tutoring programme covering Year 1 all the way to A Level for as little as £1 per pupil per week. Meanwhile Complete Maths CPD, nicknamed ‘The Netflix of Professional Development in Maths’, offers access to over 170 online courses targeting every element of mathematical pedagogy, with new courses added every week.

This partnership between Complete Maths and STEP Ahead Trust was developed in three phases:

  • Phase 1: STEP signs half of their schools to Complete Maths CLASSROOM, the online teaching, learning, assessment and monitoring platform for teachers to use with pupils in their classroom.
  • Phase 2: After trialling, STEP signs all of all their 18 schools to Complete Maths CLASSROOM.
  • Phase 3: Facing increasing demand for online training solutions developed for educators, by experts, STEP looks for training solutions that can be used consistently across entire departments as opposed to individually or as a one-off solution. STEP signs all of their schools to Complete Maths CPD & inaugurates partnership with Complete Maths.

As part of this agreement, STEP Academy Trust also brokered a deal for its teaching school hub, STEP Ahead: they will offer a 30% discount for all schools across East Sussex, and Brighton and Hove to sign up to the training platform — less than £5 per teacher per month — making it truly accessible, and the most high value solution for teacher training today.

Celebrating the new partnership, Director of Education Dominic Bristow says, “The Complete Maths team has been dedicated to the improvement of Maths teaching since Mark [McCourt] first began conducting in-school CPD with colleagues as La Salle Education. Now, with a growing group of advocates and a well-evidenced set of products behind us, we look forward to continuing our mission to improve the life chances of children through this new partnership. STEP have provided us with the ideal opportunity to showcase the best of classroom practice and teacher development, so we are delighted to help them to reach all the schools in their training hub.”

Deputy Head of the STEP Teaching School, Matt Swain says: "At STEP, we know that secure subject knowledge and pedagogy is essential for responsive and lean teaching of mathematics. So having Complete Maths CPD at our teachers’ fingertips allows leaders and teachers at any time to tap into the deep subject knowledge of maths experts at every developmental stage.

“Working with Complete Mathematics has further supported us in embedding consistently good practice across our schools. Using the data provided in CLASSROOM, particularly the assessment features, has empowered our policy of same-day intervention for our pupils, so that no one is ever left behind. We now have a responsive curriculum, bespoke to every individual pupil — and we are excited to supplement this with the upcoming TUTOR programme, which absolutely aligns with our mission.

“Because as a Trust, we are committed to improving the life chances of all children: where we have the capacity to make a difference, we are morally bound to do so. Our partnership with Complete Maths will help us accomplish this.

“We were delighted when Mark visited one of our primary schools in June and described what we do as ‘mind-blowing’ after observing our lessons and intervention in progress. We are so proud of our teachers and pupils, and thrilled that visitors, too, can see the impact of our work with Complete Maths.”

Complete Maths CLASSROOM, CPD and TUTOR are independently impactful, but their use in conjunction is proving to be revolutionary for our schools. Look here for our recent case study at Sir James Smith in Camelford, and contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information or to book a consultation about your institution.

About Complete Maths:

The Complete Maths Group (previously known as La Salle Education) was founded in 2013 to support teachers of mathematics. The community of teachers using its services has grown rapidly, with thousands of teachers from around the world regularly attending Complete Maths events and receiving professional development from the company. Complete Maths supports teachers effectively and efficiently through its online teaching, learning, assessment and monitoring platform, Complete Maths Classroom. In 2020, Complete Maths launched trials of its ‘digital tutor’ product, ‘TUTOR’ attracting an immediate user base. The company is now taking the next step in helping pupils by using its intelligent technologies and comprehensive content to offer online tuition at a genuinely affordable price.

For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About STEP:

STEP Ahead is a Teaching School Hub based at Angel Oak Academy in Southwark and is part of STEP Academy Trust. After becoming a designated teaching school in 2018, STEP Ahead has shared their teaching approach with a growing alliance of member schools, working in both South London and East Sussex. Earlier this year, they were awarded hub status and given a specific remit to support schools in East Sussex and Brighton and Hove from September 2021. The expert team of teachers and school leaders passionately believe in developing teachers as the only sustainable way to drive up standards in schools and ultimately, improve the outcomes of their pupils. STEP Ahead is now expanding their reach by working with a number of strategic partners and members who share their passion for teacher development.

For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.