Christmas Competition

With Christmas round the corner and school festivities in full swing, Complete Maths are pulling the Christmas cracker with their first ever TUTOR Christmas Competition. Including contributions from the ever-supportive AQA, our overflowing goodie bag of incredible prizes is ready to help us say ‘thank you’ to all the schools that have supported the TUTOR movement over the past year.

Click the button below to get started, and win big this Christmas with Complete Mathematics TUTOR

The Competition Opens In
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Login and complete some goals to be in it to win it.

What's the competition?

Unsurprisingly, doing maths! Every student enrolled on TUTOR is eligible, and all they have to do is complete goals from anywhere in the curriculum to win. The more goals completed, the more likely you are to win a prize.

What to do as a...


If you already have a TUTOR login, all you need to do is complete goals! Continue the course you're enrolled on, or do a diagnostic test to find one. The more goals you complete, the closer you will be to that MacBook!

If you don't have a TUTOR login, ask your maths teacher. All students are eligible, but they must be attached to their school to compete.


Register above for access to 'Parent View' and see your child's progress in completing their goals.

Encourage them to work on TUTOR over the holidays. Work with them at home, completing goals together, guided by the country's best teachers!


Make sure all your students have access to TUTOR!

Send a letter to parents to enlist their support.

Prize list

The 25 students that complete the most goals will win prizes:

  • Amazon vouchers (£10 - £100)
  • an Amazon Fire tablet
  • a brand new MacBook Air!

The 3 classes that have the highest 'goals per student' will win visualizers for their school (and their teachers win £50!)

And all parents that support the TUTOR movement will be entered in a prize draw for a brand new MacBook Air. Merry Christmas!

Actual representation of a pupil's progress over a couple of months of TUTOR use