Back to School for Scotland

will be released in full in September, ready for pupils to start their journey as quickly as possible. But we didn’t want pupils to miss out on the opportunity to access the learning materials we already had ready to go, which is why we created a unique, free Summer School to bridge the gap between July and September.

Schools and colleges in Scotland, however, which break up earlier than those in the rest of the UK, weren't able to take advantage of this offer - and we didn't think that was fair. That's why we are offering Scottish educational establishments six additional weeks of free Summer School, finishing on Friday 1st October.

Summer School will allow your pupils to sign up to work on as many of our structured online courses as they like, for free! Many of the new features of are already available, while others will appear incrementally over the coming weeks. Most importantly, all of the material is delivered by the same experienced teachers as the programme. Each course contains a huge amount of material, but just as with , pupils can work through them at their own pace and in their own time. Quizzes at the end of each unit mean pupils will come to their lessons already knowing which areas of maths they need help with, and you will be provided actionable, diagnostic data on their curriculum security.

We are offering Summer School for free, to all pupils in Scotland, regardless of parental income or postcode, because after the challenges educational institutions have faced over the last 17 months, we believe it’s the right thing to do.

Pupils can use the same log-ins as or to access Summer School, and the same log-in will also work once Summer School evolves into .

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