Hundreds of schools around the country have signed up for TUTOR because they share our belief that:

  • Every child has the potential to succeed in maths
  • Every child deserves access to the benefits of one-to-one tuition

Private tuition is widely believed to be the best most effective way of helping pupils improve in maths because it is personalised teaching from subject specialists, but the high cost means it can be too expensive for many families.

TUTOR is our response to this problem: hyper-targeted maths teaching, delivered by expert teachers, at a fraction of the cost.

"How will my child

benefit from TUTOR?"

Signing up to TUTOR will help your child by giving them:

  • The opportunity to explore a world-first ‘map of maths’, taking them at their own pace from counting to calculus
  • A platform that uses this map to spot missing knowledge so your child can learn more effectively in class

  • Hundreds of hours of clearly-explained instructional videos, including step-by-step worked solutions — so you don't need to worry when you want to help with maths homework!
  • A sequence of learning based on the best evidence, containing regular quizzes to check your child’s understanding, and help them remember important ideas

  • Awards to incentivise them to keep learning, and celebrate their success
  • Easy access for teachers and parents to follow pupils’ progress through their course

"How do I

get access?"

Our TUTOR movement is simple:
all students should be able to access tuition in mathematics, regardless of their background or socioeconomic status.

A high quality educational experience outside the classroom, helps to level the playing field for all students to reach their potential and achieve the best possible life outcomes.

We know schools are always trying to do the best they can for every one of their pupils.

But they can’t afford to support all pupils by paying for private tuition. We developed TUTOR to fill the gap between what schools and parents want, and what they can afford.

With the support of schools, and of parents who can afford it, we can deliver the benefits of tuition to every single pupil.

TUTOR is free to those who need it, but some parents are choosing to pay for their child's access.

By paying for TUTOR, for no more than £1-per-week, you would be helping us to:

  • Ensure access to the programme for you and your child
  • Fulfil our objective of providing every single pupil access to TUTOR - each funded TUTOR seat opens up a free seat to a pupil who could not otherwise afford it

  • Continue to develop an innovative, intelligent platform combining groundbreaking technology with what evidence tells us works in education
  • Continue to recruit expert maths teachers and leaders to continue delivering the highest-quality education

Register your details now for access to 'Parent View' and join the movement to support your child on their maths journey with TUTOR: