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Wondering what to do now you’ve attended one of our TUTOR webinars?

Read on to find out more about implementation and how we have removed all the barriers to getting your whole cohort on to the system.

What happens now?

The first step is to decide how will look in your context. Although some schools and colleges only intend to enrol smaller groups to start with, most are seeing the potential benefit for all.

Although this can be as easy as ‘let’s put our PP on’, you might be asking yourself a number of questions:

  • Which year groups?
  • How many seats initially?
  • How far will you involve parents?
  • Do you want individuals beginning their diagnosis straight away?

However you decide to implement in your context, it will have an impact — whether you enrol a small group or your entire school, whether you work in a mainstream state school or an alternative provision centre, you’ll be part of a groundbreaking movement to improve mathematical education for all.

Help Us Reach Everyone

We aren’t exaggerating when we say everyone – that’s why we’ve made it as easy and affordable as possible for you to enrol at scale.

Per individual, works out significantly cheaper than the NTP - so for the same spend, you can offer far more of your cohort access to high-quality tuition.

Unlike tutoring through the NTP, is available 24/7, 365 days a year, to access from home or in school/college. This makes it even better value for money, with your most-engaged able to pursue their study of mathematics in as much depth and breadth as they like.

Keeping Affordable

We’ve thought carefully about how to make it easier for you to enrol everyone if you so desire, and on the right, you’ll see an illustration of the financial model we’ve developed for schools and colleges with this in mind.

Existing Pupil Premium reserves, or Catch-Up Premium, can be used to cover the first batch of seats — those you believe most need, and will most benefit from, access to . We have then written a letter for you to send to parents describing the benefits of , and offering parents access at the same price you are paying. In this way, we hope you’ll be able to enrol the majority of your cohort.

There might still be parents for whom even this heavily discounted price is still too much – so, because we’re serious about helping all children, parents who can’t pay won’t have to.

We will offer for free to any family whose child or children will otherwise miss out for financial reasons.

If you’d like to discuss your plan with one of our team, and hear more about what other educational establishments are doing, simply click here to book an implementation meeting with one of our Education Team.

is jam-packed with features! Each course contains a huge amount of material, pupils can work through them at their own pace and in their own time. Quizzes at the end of each unit will mean pupils build up an understanding of which areas of maths they need help with, and you will be provided actionable, diagnostic data on their curriculum security.

Next Steps


If you need one, book an implementation meeting with one of our Education team


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