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The Complete Mathematics Conference is the UK's largest Maths Teacher conference, bringing together thousands of maths teachers each year, from primary, secondary, and higher to collaborate and learn from each other.

We are extending #MathsConf26, to not just all of the UK, but to the rest of the world too! At our last Virtual Conference, we had attendees from over 70 countries!

This new 'Virtual Conference' includes workshops delivered by expert maths teachers from all across the world, who have a voice, and want to share their love of maths (this could be you!).

To keep these virtual conference experiences as true as possible to our face to face conferences, throughout the day, we will have many different speakers running workshops at the same time, so you can pick the workshops that specifically relate to you. But fear not! The recordings of the entire conference will be available, for you to catch up on any you miss!

Layout of the day (Times are GMT)

  • 09:00 - Assembly

    Welcome and introduction, Mark McCourt, Chief Executive, La Salle Education & Andrew Taylor, Head of Maths, AQA
  • 09:30 - Period 1

  • 10:30 - Morning Break

    Coffee Break
  • 10:40 - Period 2

  • 11:40 - Break

    2nd coffee break
  • 12:00 - Period 3

  • 13:00 - Lunchtime

    Ask AQA - A live Q&A session with Andrew Taylor from AQA, hosted by Mark McCourt
  • 13:45 - Period 4

  • 14:50 - Period 5

  • 15:50 - Break

  • 16:10 - Period 6

  • 17:10 - Graduation

    Conference Ends

Drop-in Rooms


“The AQA Maths Curriculum team will be available all day in our virtual room to answer your questions about maths, exams, assessment and our specifications. We’d also be keen to hear how you feel about the prospect of setting students’ grades again this year, what AQA can do to help, and looking ahead to next year what the priorities will be and what the barriers to achieving them may be, so please do just drop in for a chat anytime.”


Want to present a workshop?

MathsConf is all about educators learning from each other, sharing what they've learnt in their classrooms or through their research. We welcome MathsConf workshops on a variety of topics from a variety of presenters - from primary to FE and beyond. Whether this will be your first time presenting or your tenth click the button below to get the ball started.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns about presenting send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us on twitter.

Running a Pedagogical Book Club: Linking research and literature to everyday classroom practice


This workshop will look at how a book club can support staff in accessing and interpreting the latest pedagogical research and literature through organic discussions with authors. We will model how we support participants’ reflection through sharing a maths specific text to be enjoyed in the company of the author.

Rhiannon Rainbow @noni_rainbow

Rhiannon Rainbow is a maths teacher with almost 20 years’ experience teaching secondary maths in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. Rhiannon completed a 4 year BSC Hons QTS Primary Maths EY at UWE before making the move to being a secondary school maths teacher where she has held a variety of roles. In January 2018 she joined the Greenshaw Learning Trust and has been working with schools across Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire and Bristol combined with her Assistant Headteacher role at Five Acres. In September 2020 Rhiannon started in her role as the School Improvement Lead for Mathematics across the Greenshaw Learning Trust and began her journey in Cohort 5 of the NCETM Secondary Mastery Specialist Programme.

Dave Tushingham @davetushingham

Dave Tushingham is a maths teacher with 15 years’ experience teaching maths in Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire and Bristol. Dave Tushingham qualified as an AST whilst working in Wiltshire before returning to South Gloucestershire to work as an AST and Head of Mathematics. Currently working as a Lead Practitioner within the Greenshaw Federation in Bristol, Dave Tushingham has recently become an accredited Professional Development Lead through the NCETM and is following his passion for continually developing his interpretation of the principles for teaching Mastery in mathematics.

What does depth look like?


Imagine you were given three weeks to teach Pythagoras to Year 8. Would you be pleased to have the opportunity to explore the topic properly? Or would you worry about how to 'fill the time'? Would you worry that your students would get bored? Would you think that they'd all master the topic in one week? In this workshop we will talk about how to teach in depth without prematurely accelerating students. We'll focus on a few Key Stage 3 topics (Pythagoras, angles and sequences), looking at ideas for both lessons and resources.

Jo Morgan @mathsjem

Jo is Assistant Principal at Harris Academy Sutton. She teaches Key Stage 3 maths. She writes the website resourceaholic.com where she shares teaching ideas and resources for secondary mathematics. Jo is a regular guest on Mr Barton's podcast and an enthusiastic collector of old maths textbooks.

What if you were right the first time?


"The more able need to be challenged, you need to go deeper into the mathematics, pupils need to be given opportunities to develop a greater depth of understanding."

Teach for long enough and there's a good chance you'll have received feedback to this effect on either a personal or school-wide level. But what does it mean? Does the advice come with clear and actionable exemplification? Or do we have to place our trust in the mathematical gods and hope for the best?

In this workshop, Neil and Kieran will demystify depth and challenge in primary mathematics, give participants a clear model on which to build and provide strategies to utilise immediately in the classroom.

Kieran Mackle @Kieran_M_Ed

Kieran Mackle is a teacher, MaST (Primary Mathematics Specialist Teacher) and Specialist Leader of Education, who has worked with numerous schools, local authorities and training providers to deliver training and school-to-school support.

Upon completion of his B.Ed. at St. Mary's University College, Belfast, Kieran moved to Medway to become a class teacher before taking on the leadership roles of assistant and deputy head teacher in schools in areas of high socio-economic deprivation.

In 2017 he was appointed Mathematics Specialist and Collaboration Lead across three Gravesham primary schools, spearheading and project funded by The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths', developed to enhance aspirations and outcomes of disadvantaged children through support for teachers in their mathematics professional development.

In his spare time he hosts Thinking Deeply about Primary Education, a podcast designed to support primary teachers in their professional development.

Neil Almond @Mr_AlmondED

Neil graduated university in 2013 with a BA in Primary Education. He had read copious amounts on learning styles and was aware of every educational themed pyramid there was. 6 months later, after successfully gaining employment, he was asked to leave his first job as an NQT because spending his time looking at students’ learning styles and applying pyramids did little to help the students learn.

7 years (and much reflection) later, he is an Assistant Headteacher for Teaching and Learning with no learning styles in sight. Now living in Lewisham but working across multiple schools, he spends the majority of his commute time listening to the Thinking Deeply About Primary Education Podcast and reading educational research that helps to improve students’ learning. He blogs about all things education at https://nutsaboutteaching.wordpress.com

MATHS (Making A-Level Transition Happen Smoothly)


Year 11s have finished their Maths GCSE, and some of them will have chosen Maths (and Further Maths for some!) as their A Level.

But how do we prepare these students during these unprecedented times?

In order to make A Level transition happen smoothly, we will need to change our approach so that the Year 11s are "A Level ready".

Following on from our #MathsChatLive discussion, Sheena (@Sheena2907) and Matt (@mr_man_maths) will be sharing on their strategies to prepare for the new Year 12s.

This is ideal for current or new A Level Maths teachers. There will also be opportunities for you to share your strategies too.

Matt Man @mr_man_maths

Matt has worked in schools across the West Midlands for the last 8 years. He is currently teaching GCSE and A Level Maths at a vastly improving 14-19 school in the West Midlands. He is fortunate to teach with experienced colleagues including currently the @Just_Maths duo of Mel and Seager. He has been teaching A-Level Maths for five years and is proactive in sharing his experiences of maths via Twitter. Matt is a fan of snooker and Formula 1 and also known to play a lot of "Settlers of Catan".

Sheena Flowers @Sheena2907

Sheena has worked in schools across Peterborough for the last 16 years. She is currently taking Curriculum Area Leader of Maths and had been 2nd in department with responsibility for KS5. Sheena loves doing maths problems recreationally and playing board games. "I'm a massive geek and my students all think I'm a bit bonkers, which I think is the best type of teacher to be."

Probability distributions and hypothesis testing


Probability distributions can seem simple to explain using textbooks, but are we missing something? My belief is that students do not get enough exposure to what they are really about and how they are formed. As teachers, we then tend to move on to the notoriously difficult topic of hypothesis testing where it is easy for students to get confused. Can we make hypothesis testing easier to understand? The answer is yes and the answer is about how we teach probability distributions and how we start off with explaining the concept of hypothesis testing.

In this workshop, we will look at placement of topics within the statistics part of the A-level maths course, explore probability distributions, and look into ways in which we can make it easier for students to transition from what they know to making sense of hypothesis testing.

We will first of all look at rearranging the chapters of the statistics part of the course when compared to the textbook. We will then look into probability distributions and what we could be missing out if we were just focusing on what the textbook says. We will also look at the importance of our teaching of probability distributions and how this has an effect on our explanations of hypothesis testing. Finally, we will look at how to introduce the concept of hypothesis testing by using a court case.

Joe Berwick @BerwickMaths

Joe is an enthusiastic mathematics teacher and is passionate about finding improved ways of teaching the mathematics curriculum. Currently, Joe works as a mathematics teacher in Sutton Coldfield, but the hope is to be a leading practitioner in the field of mathematics teaching in years to come. He is interested in the use of Variation theory and Cognitive load theory within the classroom. Joe has also been building resources for the past year and a half on his website Berwickmaths.com.

The Wonderful World of Word Problems


Do your students struggle with math word problems? Where to start? How to solve? What operation to use? Result unknown; change unknown; start unknown...the world of math word problems can be confusing. Join me as we bring word problems to life for young learners using videos, images, acting, creating, numberless or slow reveal word problems, and open ended tasks. The sky's the limit once you bring a word problem to life in the math classroom!

Vikki Priddle @VikkiPriddle

Vikki has been teaching in Canadian elementary schools for 18 years, as well as occasional part time university lecturer positions. She holds Masters degrees in Technology Integration and Leadership, as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Elementary Math. She is passionate about making learning active, fun, and engaging for all students - no matter what the topic. Vikki has worked as an elementary literacy and math mentor for several years. She believes that students can learn anything, given the right tools and the right environment. Her favourite work is in the classroom with students, and working with teachers to foster curiosity about learning. A seasoned presenter - Vikki aims to leave everyone she meets with practical ideas to take into the classroom as soon as possible.


Friday Night (virtual) Meet

It's a MathsConf tradition for delegates arriving on Friday to meet up at a local bar. Like many things this year, our Friday Night meet up is going virtual.

Join us on the Friday night via webinar for as little or as long as you like, for a night full a mathematical activities!

Macmillan Cancer Raffle

As this is our biggest MathsConf yet, we want to take advantage of this incredible opportunity and make this our biggest charity donation as well! We will be running a raffle, with all proceeds going to the Macmillan Cancer Support.

We will also be donating all profits from conference ticket sales to Macmillan Cancer Support!

Find more info on how to donate soon...

Maths Cake Competition

Our cake competition is always a highlight of the day. Dozens of delegates battle it out to be crowned the winner of the maths-themed cake bake-off.

We'll be announcing this MathsConf theme soon!

Be sure to check out your colleagues' handywork on Twitter at #MC26Cake. And, of course, remember to tweet a picture of your own cake before you finish it all! We know how delicious they are!

Event Location

#MathsConf26 will be our fourth virtual conference, following the success of #MathsConf25! So you can sit back in the comfort of your own home, join us online, and spend a full day listening to your fellow educators share their ideas, thoughts and innovations.

Your Comments from previous #MathsConfs


In the 59 years I've been on the planet, #mathsconf23 has been the best day of maths ed I've ever experienced. Thank you so much, one and all! Still on a high...


Amazing day, especially since I live overseas and can't attend these when they are in person events. The variety and quality of presentations is very impressive. The whole set up of the day was excellent, easy to move through the day and between sessions.

Thank you for an amazing day #mathsconf23 I have thoroughly enjoyed every single moment and have learnt an awful lot. Great work.

The Ongar Academy

Thank you @LaSalleEd for a customarily slick and professionally-run virtual #MathsConf23–right up there with normal events. Brilliant day hearing loads of interesting stuff.


Some of the best professional learning you can get at an unbelievable price. Thank you for organising.

Chris Williams
Sir Christopher Hatton Academy

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