Saturday, 8th September, 2018


The High School of Glasgow

Join hundreds of maths teachers from primary, secondary and FE at the UK's largest events. Network. Learn. Share. Have fun!


The day is bursting with networking opportunities and workshop time. Delegates will leave with new ideas try and new people to share the results with.

Inspiring Speakers

Our workshop leaders and speakers have one thing in common: their love of mathematics education.

Dating & Cakes

Networking and making new friends to collaborate with in the future are key aims of the event.


  • 08:30

    Arrival / Networking / Morning Refreshments / Exhibition
  • 09:30

    Welcome and introduction, Mark McCourt, Chief Executive, La Salle Education
  • 10:00

    Speed Dating - Your chance to share your favourite maths ideas
  • 10:30

    Workshop 1
  • 11:30

    Coffee Break / Networking / Exhibition
  • 11:50

    Workshop 2
  • 12:50

    Lunch / Networking / Exhibition / Maths Cakes Competition / TweetUp and Do Some Maths
  • 13:50

    Workshop 3
  • 14:50

    Coffee Break / Networking / Exhibition
  • 15:10

    Workshop 4
  • 16:10

    Closing Remarks, Maths Cakes Competition Winners Announced, Prizes, Postcards and Farewells
  • 16:30

    Bar Opens - Please join La Salle Education for after conference drinks in the bar


Smashing the Bell Curve - Rethinking the Curriculum


At Hillhead, we've gone back to the drawing board to design and implement a mastery curriculum from S1 to Higher maths. Our aim: to smash the bell curve!

This session will be a walkthrough of our latest thinking based upon reading and research on: the mastery cycle, formative and summative assessment, variation theory & mathematical tasks and effective pedagogy. There will be an outline of our maths specific professional learning model. Finally, there will be discussion of the issues we've faced so far and, of course, offer some data that offers some encouraging signs of improvement.

All previously undelivered content.

Chris McGrane @chrismcgrane84

Chris is in his 13th year of teaching and 4th as a PT. His main areas of interest are the design of curriculum, assessment and effective tasks.

He blogs occasionally at and runs the new website called Starting Points

Evidence into Practice


This session will take a research-informed look at how students develop deep and durable learning. In particular, we will discuss retrieval practice, elaboration, spacing and interleaving and consider how these approaches can be incorporated into lessons and what they mean for course design.

Stuart Welsh @maths180

Stuart Welsh has been teaching Mathematics for 12 years and has been Head of Mathematics at The High School of Glasgow since 2014.

Stuart has co-authored textbooks for National 4, National 5 and Higher and is the creator of where you will find practice papers, 100's of video lesson for National 5 and Higher and ready-to-use resources for teachers.

Love Maths Island


Do you know that more people applied for Love Island than Oxford and Cambridge combined? Reality TV and Quiz Shows offer an opportunity for engaging learners in Mathematics. Real-life statistics and data can enhance the learning experience and provide applications for problem-solving set in familiar contexts. Utilising formats from quiz programmes allows for the formative assessment of pupil learning in a fun/competitive environment. In this interactive session ideas will be shared for encouraging collaborative and co-operative learning.

Michael Gray

Michael is an experienced Mathematics teacher from a large comprehensive school in Edinburgh. He has experience of learning CLPL sessions for teachers from P1 to Advanced Higher. Since 2013 Michael has been part-time seconded to a teacher-training institution, helping to prepare the next generation of teachers.

Provocative Statements About Mathematics Education


"The spirit of the lesson is more important than the content"

"If I don't know 7 x 8 I can always look it up"

"Speed and accuracy are the enemies of learning"

Are these statements excellent, rubbish, or somewhere in between?

This session will challenge some of the assumed truths and beliefs about mathematics education.

Tom Carson @offpistemaths

Tom teaches mathematics at St. Paul's High School in Glasgow. At the moment, he is particularly interested in the phenomenology of mathematics and getting other people to argue.

Maths, Maths and more Maths - no more 'down-time' in lessons!


Pace, rigour and challenge have been lost amidst the era of curriculum change and in this workshop we look into how maximum 'up-time' can be achieved by phasing learning using an 80 : 20 principle for planning.

At St Andrew's we strive for mastery with every pupil and through professional reading and CPD, we delve into effective explicit instruction, how to foster mathematical thinking, how to use visual modelling for understanding, and how to do all this in a time efficient way.

Gary @garyl82

Gary has taught for over a decade in four different schools and is now Principal Teacher in St Andrew's Academy, and has been so for the past three years. All of the schools have been in significant areas of deprivation and a wealth of knowledge and experience has been gained from this.

Gary has a keen interest in mastery and effective mathematics pedagogy and currently working with his department to implement a mastery model of learning to ensure every pupil achieves.

Sequencing Questions to Promote Understanding


This workshop will look at how applying variation and sequencing to both questions and answers can promote mathematical thinking and reverse engineering to help pupils to gain a deeper understanding.

Gillian Mathewson @gmathewson1

Gillian is a Maths Teacher at Alford Academy in Aberdeenshire. She has been teaching for 4 years, and prior to teaching worked as an Electrical and Software Engineer.

With cluster schools having implemented a Singapore Maths mastery programme, Gillian’s current main CLPL focus is to investigate Mastery learning and look at how it can be integrated into our departmental scheme of work.

More Workshops Coming Soon


MathsConf is all about teachers learning from each other, sharing what they've learnt in their classrooms and through their research.

If you'd like to lead a workshop submit your proposal here.


Speed Dating

At each conference, we ask delegates to bring along their favourite resources, ideas, hints and tips. Everyone has 90 seconds to tell a colleague about their idea, before swapping and hearing from them.

There is usually time for five or six 'dates', so be ready to spread the word about what is making your classroom buzz right now.

Feel free to bring handouts, weblinks, etc.

Happy dating!

Maths Cake Competition

Our cake competition is always a highlight of the day. Dozens of delegates battle it out to be crowned the winner of the maths-themed cake bake-off.

Cakes are judged at lunchtime by our guest speaker and prizes awarded at the end of the day.

Be sure to visit the cake stands to see your colleagues' handywork. And, of course, to sample the cakes for yourself! They are delicious!

TweetUp and do some maths!

Lots of us help each other out on Twitter. We give advice, support or just share jokes and experiences. But who are the people behind the Twitter handles?

That's what a Tweetup is all about - a meet up for Twitter friends, putting faces to names or pseudonyms.

It's an 'unconference' session - a chance to meet people and do maths - run by you, the delegates, so bring along some maths games or activities, grab a table and have fun.

Come along to the bonus session during the lunch break and say hello to the maths teacher Twitterati.

Be sure to identify yourself in some way! Surely someone will at least get a t-shirt made?!

You are welcome to join in and get stuck in to doing some maths.

This is an informal session - drop in as you like.

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