Saturday, 30th September 2017

King Edward VII, Glossop Rd, Sheffield

Join hundreds of maths teachers from primary, secondary and FE at the UK's largest events. Network. Learn. Share. Have fun!


The day is bursting with networking opportunities and workshop time. Delegates will leave with new ideas try and new people to share the results with.

Inspiring Speakers

Our workshop leaders and speakers have one thing in common: their love of mathematics education.

Dating & Cakes

Networking and making new friends to collaborate with in the future are key aims of the event.


  • 08:30

    Arrival / Networking / Morning Refreshments / Exhibition
  • 09:30

    Welcome and introduction, Mark McCourt, Chief Executive, La Salle Education
    Welcome from Main Sponsor, Andrew Taylor, AQA
  • 09:40

    Keynote - TBC
  • 10:10

    Speed Dating - Your chance to share your favourite maths ideas
  • 10:30

    Coffee Break / Networking / Exhibition
  • 10:50

    Workshop 1
  • 11:40

    Coffee Break / Networking / Exhibition
  • 12:00

    Workshop 2
  • 12:50

    Lunch / Networking / Exhibition / Maths Cakes Competition / TweetUp and Do Some Maths
  • 14:00

    Workshop 3
  • 14:50

    Coffee Break / Networking / Exhibition
  • 15:10

    Workshop 4
  • 16:00

    Closing Remarks, Maths Cakes Competition Winners Announced, Prizes, Postcards and Farewells
  • 16:30

    Bar Opens - Please join La Salle Education for after conference drinks in the bar

Workshops - More to follow...

A Brief History of Mathematics Education in England


In this whirlwind seminar, Mark McCourt paint a vivid picture of the last 160 years of maths education in England in just 50 minutes! From the 1858 Newcastle Commission through to the present day, pinpointing key moments such as the Hadow Report, Plowden, Cockcroft and the 1988 Education Reform Act.

Mark will consider the trends in classroom practice and the coming, going and returning again cycles of conceptual, procedural, and occassionally relational mathematics being at the fore.

The fascinating link between the economic and political environment and the dominance for either progressive or traditional approaches will also be explored.

Most importantly, Mark will explore how looking back at our history can help us to make predictions about the future of mathematics education and avoid some the potential pitfalls - perhaps even plotting a path to that most elusive of animals: a truly effective mathematics education system.

Mark McCourt (@EmathsUK)

A leading figure in mathematics education, Mark has led many large-scale government education initiatives, both in the UK and overseas. Mark was a Director at the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) and has also been a school leader, an Advanced Skills Teacher, a school inspector and a teacher trainer.

He founded and was Chairman of the Teacher Development Trust. He has extensive experience of mathematics teaching and learning across all age and ability groups, having taught students from age 3 to PhD!

Now that the Dust is Settling...


In the past three years we've seen the promotion of Mastery (in many guises), Maths from Singapore and Shanghai, Cognitive Science, Deliberate Practice, Concrete/Pictorial/Abstract approaches and Cognitive Load Theory. That's all well and good, but what does it look like on the ground, for the teacher in the classroom day-to-day? This session will explore that and more.

Amir Arezoo (@workedgechaos)

After spending 7 years as a Head of Mathematics alongside a variety of other roles, Amir is now a Senior Leader at one of the most high profile schools in the country. Amir has spoken, wrote and coached on topics as diverse as Mastery, Instructional Design, Leadership, Use of Data, Cognitive Science and much more. You can find his writing at and at

Revisioning Revision ... a unique 5R's revision approach to maths lesson planning


The session explores a proven, unique and pacy 5R's approach to maths exam success...celebrating difference in maths methods; unearths misconceptions and structures a lesson to maximise exam success and curriculum engagement with consequent achievement

Julia Smith (@tessmaths)

Maths Author with Cambridge University Press, BBC Bitesize and Collins; Teacher/Trainer with Suffolk & Norfolk ITT, Association Of Colleges and ACER; rabid tweeter

Angles in Depth


This is the second in a series of workshops looking in depth at resources, approaches and misconceptions for specific topics. This time the focus is on angles in parallel lines. As busy teachers we rarely take the time to think about a topic in real depth before we teach it - but doing so can have a huge impact on our students. This workshop isn't about the big ideas in maths education - quite the opposite. It's about the detail. In this session, teachers will reflect on their approach, discuss misconceptions and best practice, and discover new resources to use in their lessons.

Jo Morgan (@mathsjem)

Jo is a maths teacher at a boys' comprehensive school in Surrey. She writes the website where she shares teaching ideas and resources for secondary mathematics. Jo is currently Acting Head of Maths, a member of the TES Maths Panel, a member of the AQA Expert Panel and a SCITT Lead Subject Mentor. Jo absolutely loves talking to maths teachers on Twitter and is always looking to learn from others.

Digital Resources for the new curricula


Douglas returns with his popular exploration of web resources for problem solving and large data sets, including challenging images from Google Earth and analysis in dynamic software. Suitable for the new GCSE, Core Maths and A level specifications.

Details on

Douglas Butler (@douglasbutler1)

After many years teaching secondary mathematics, Douglas now helps teachers to make the most of digital resources that enliven their classes, though the TSM workshops, TSM Resources website, and the use of dynamic software, notably Geogebra and Autograph.

Developing Resilient and Confident Mathematicians


An opportunity to explore reasons why children think they can't do maths and leave with practical strategies to support them. The workshop will have flavours from Carol Dweck and Jo Boaler but predominantly be about strategies that work in the classroom.

Sarah chamings (@Schamings28 )

I began my teaching career 11 years ago. I qualified as an AST (under the old system) during year 4, this was a role I LOVED! I then went on to be head of department in an inner city school and have a significant impact on pupil progress. From there I was promoted to assistant principal with a responsibility for maths, science and achievement (whole school). Following the birth of my first daughter I took a role in charge of character for learning and have since joined the local authority as a consultant.

Who or What is a Maths Teacher?


A consideration of our identities as maths teachers, how we are represented in the wider world, and how we can strengthen our collaboration/community of practice as professionals.

Lucy Rycroft-Smith

Maths teacher and lecturer of ten years, now writer and researcher in maths education.

Things to do with your large data set


All AS and A level Mathematics specifications include working with a large data set. This session will outline some ideas for incorporating working with the large data set in statistics teaching. It will be suitable for all specifications and will include examples using all the data sets as well as some generic ideas that will work with any data set.

Stella Dudzic

Stella Dudzic is MEI's Programme Leader for Curriculum and Resources. She taught for 22 years in secondary schools, including 9 years as head of department, before joining MEI. Stella's work in curriculum development includes developing qualifications and teaching resources.

What is a rhombus anyway?


Geometry is a glorious context in which to pose questions, make conjectures and explore key mathematical ideas about classification and proof. In this session we will work on mathematical tasks from ATM publications and consider their 'affordances and constraints' for developing conceptual understanding.

Corinne Angier (@ATMCorinne)

Corinne has swithered between teaching in schools in South Yorkshire (and Orkney!) and working with beginning teachers in HE. She was the maths Teach First lead for Yorkshire and the Humber for 5 years. She now teaches in FE and works with teachers all in the same job. Corinne is currently Hon Sec of the ATM.


Speed Dating

At each conference, we ask delegates to bring along their favourite resources, ideas, hints and tips. Everyone has 90 seconds to tell a colleague about their idea, before swapping and hearing from them.

There is usually time for five or six 'dates', so be ready to spread the word about what is making your classroom buzz right now.

Feel free to bring handouts, weblinks, etc.

Happy dating!

Maths Cake Competition

Our cake competition is always a highlight of the day. Dozens of delegates battle it out to be crowned the winner of the maths-themed cake bake-off.

Cakes are judged at lunchtime by our guest speaker and prizes awarded at the end of the day.

Be sure to visit the cake stands to see your colleagues' handywork. And, of course, to sample the cakes for yourself! They are delicious!

TweetUp and do some maths!

Lots of us help each other out on Twitter. We give advice, support or just share jokes and experiences. But who are the people behind the Twitter handles? That's what a Tweetup is all about - a meet up for Twitter friends, putting faces to names or pseudonyms. Come along to the bonus session during the lunch break and say hello to the maths teacher Twitterati.

Be sure to identify yourself in some way! Surely someone will at least get a t-shirt made?!

You are welcome to join in and get stuck in to doing some maths.

This is an informal session - drop in as you like.

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