Teaching Together Leeds

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  • Date

    Friday 6th May

  • Location

    Mount St Mary's Catholic High School Leeds

    26 Ellerby Road


    LS9 8LA

  • Topic

    Developing Depth of Understanding

  • Talking Point

    Bar Models vs. Ratio Tables

Meeting Agenda

  • 16:00

    Welcome and Introduction

  • 16:05

    Talking point and vote

  • 16:15

    Dave Taylor: Why do students find 'basic' things difficult?...and what can you do to address it?

  • 16:30

    Group discussion and sharing of ideas

  • 17:00


  • 17:15

    Jonathan Hall: Making the Most of Bar Models and Ratio Tables

  • 17:30

    Group discussion and sharing of ideas

  • 17:50

    Session Summary: Vote check in and ideas for next session

  • 18:00

    TeachMeet Ends

Meeting Leader

Jonathan Hall

Jonathan has been teaching Maths in secondary schools since completing his PGCE in 2005. Before becoming a Mathematics Lead for La Salle, he was a successful head of department at Leeds City Academy for over five years and continues to work there as a Lead Practitioner of Mathematics. Over the past decade, Jonathan has made significant contributions to the maths community by the creation of several wellknown websites, most notably MathsBot, used by millions of teachers and students each year. Jonathan regularly presents at conferences where he shares his both experiences and ideas from the classroom and the resources he creates. He is a keen Twitter user and is often posting new resources or updates to existing ones based on feedback from the maths community.

Meeting Leader

Dave Taylor

Referred to as 'The Master of Fluency Practice', as the creator of the award-winning 'Increasingly Difficult Questions' web site, Dave has taught for 13 years in challenging circumstances in inner city Leeds. He has spent the last 11 years at his current school, working in and leading a medium-sized department serving 933 students, teaching across Year 7 to Year 11. This year, Dave has joined the team at Complete Mathematics, stepping down from his role as Joint Curriculum Leader, to have an impact upon our most disadvantaged students on a national scale.

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