Subject Knowledge Enhancement

Improve Pedagogical knowledge

This course is aimed at non specialists and any maths teacher who want to improve their subject and pedagogical knowledge of maths teaching.

essential mathematical concepts

This carefully structured course will cover multiple representations, manipulatives and pedagogically sound models for teaching essential mathematical concepts.

watch at your own pace

Hour long sessions, split up into short video clips, and activities, for you to work through at your own pace.

Programme beginning in September, with sessions being released as weekly installments.

Just £400 for access to the entire course (£12 per hour session!).

Course Curriculum

Number Skills -
Directed number Week 1
The four operations Week 2
Fractions, decimals and percentages Week 3
Algebra Skills -
Collecting like terms Week 4
Expanding brackets Week 5
Factorising expressions Week 6
Substitution Week 7
Factors, Multiples and Primes -
Prime factorisation Week 8
HCF and LCM Week 9
Powers and roots -
Square, cubes and roots Week 10
Laws of indices Week 11
Ratio and Proportion -
Sharing in a ratio Week 12
Proportional reasoning Week 13
Linear and Simultaneous Equations -
Solving linear equations Week 14
Solving simultaneous equations Week 15
Sequences and Graphs -
nth Term of linear sequences Week 16
Non-linear sequences Week 17
Plotting linear and non-linear graphs Week 18
Standard Form -
Converting to and from standard form Week 19
Arithmetic in standard form Week 20
Angles -
Basic angle rules Week 21
Angle in parallel lines Week 22
Interior and exterior angles Week 23
Transformations -
Translations Week 24
Reflections Week 25
Rotations Week 26
Enlargements Week 27
Circles -
Circumference of circles Week 28
Area of circles Week 29
Pythagoras and Trigonometry -
Pythagoras Theorem Week 30
Trigonometry - Missing angles Week 31
Trigonometry - Missing sides Week 32
Exact trigonometric values Week 33