Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course

Who is it for?

Our Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course is ideal for:

  • Non-specialist teachers of mathematics
  • New mathematics teachers
  • HLTAs with responsibility for classes or small groups
  • Staff appointed for a September start who need to strengthen their subject knowledge
  • Newly qualified teachers of mathematics
  • Teachers of other subject areas looking to convert to mathematics teaching

Our Approach

The course consists of three consecutive days of face-to-face professional development

This is an intensive study course. Each day will be jam packed with learning as well as extended reading to do at home following the sessions.

Delegates will work together throughout the course, learning with and from each other. This will also help build a supportive network of colleagues at similar stages in their career.

The Outcome

The course will significantly boost the mathematics content knowledge and mathematics pedagogical knowledge of attendees, giving them greater understanding of how to communicate key mathematical ideas to pupils. All delegates will gain greater mathematical confidence, which will increase their effectiveness as teachers of mathematics.

Delegates will develop highly impactful appoaches to teaching key mathematics lessons as well as gaining a love for the special pedagogic knowledge they need in order to communicate mathematics to children effectively.


Course Overview

Day 1: 9.30–15.30 Content knowledge: The Non-Negotiables

The first day of the course is dedicated to the mathematical non-negotiables, which are the foundations of all school level maths. The non-negotiables are:

  • Numerosity
  • Place Value
  • Bases systems
  • Proportional Reasoning
  • Arithmetic

Each area will be explored carefully to ensure delegates have a firm understanding of the mathematics involved, the connections across ideas and the underlying relationships, which make these areas of the school mathematics curriculum crucial to get right.

Day 2: 9.30–15.30 Content and Pedagogical Knowledge: Number and Algebra

The second day will further extend the non-negotiable basics to a wider exploration of number concepts and how algebra is used to represent generalisations.

Day 3: 9.30–15.30 Content and Pedagogical Knowledge: Geometry

The final day is dedicated to geometrical relationships and key ideas in school level geometry.

Where and When

Devonshire Place, Leicester, LE2 0RA

Please note this is not a residential course, accomodation will not be provided.

Session 1
Wednesday, 11th July 2018
Session 2
Thursday, 12th July 2018
Session 3
Friday, 13th July 2018

Course Fees





Reduced rate is available where the Head of Maths at the booking school is a member of Complete Mathematics. All Complete Mathematics members benefit from reduced fees on cpd programmes from La Salle Education
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