National NQT Support Programme

The Best Possible Start

The NQT year is arguably the most important year of a teacher’s career. Ensuring that this year is as effective as possible is critical to the impact that new teachers will have on student performance, as well as being a key factor in raising retention rates so that head teachers who have invested in newly qualified teachers are able to reap the benefits of their teaching for an extended period.

Our Approach

The National NQT Support Programme for maths teachers is designed to ensure that new entrants to the profession have intensive support throughout their first year, which will grow and strengthen their subject knowledge and subject specific pedagogy, so that students receive consistently effective lessons.

The programme consists of three informative and stimulating sessions, where NQT teachers will learn from leading experts as well as form a support network with other teachers at the same point in their career from across the country.

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Session Overview

Session 1 - Planning and Teaching Great Lesson

This session will focus largely on planning effective lessons and assessments that inform practice. Each delegate will leave the session with a full set of support resources, including exemplar teaching and learning materials for the entire national curriculum, which can be customised to reflect the context of their own school. Delegates will also meet with other NQTs and share experiences, forming a supportive network who can draw on each other throughout the year.

Session 2 - Assessing Learning, Feedback and Progress

The second session will see participants getting to the heart of how to create situations that allow them to spot when mathematical learning is truly taking place in a student’s mind and, once this judgment has been made, what to put that information to best use by giving immediate, contextualised feedback that changes the teaching and learning process so that students make accelerated progress.

Session 3 - Evaluating, Reflecting, Growing

The programme concludes in the summer term with a day focused on how to maintain the skills of being a reflective practitioner who continues to learn throughout their career. This will include skills and dispositions required to evaluate the effectiveness of one’s own lessons and the knowledge of how to improve and how to be an evidence-informed teacher.

Locations and Dates:

Central London

Session 1
Thursday, 13th October 2016
Session 2
Tuesday, 31st January 2017
Session 3
Wednesday, 10th May 2017

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