Implementing a Mastery Approach


Teaching for Mastery is a full model for schooling; it encompasses an approach to curriculum and task design, modes and timing of assessment, pedagogical techniques for ensuring deeper understanding for all, methods for stretching all pupils beyond what would normally be expected of them, and carefully constructed interventions that pick up any pupil who is at risk of falling behind.

Changing an entire model of schooling is complex and demanding. Our Mastery Consultation Days are built around the unique needs of your school, taking into account your current position, the experience of the teaching staff and its capacity for improvement, the pupil profile, and your desired timeline for change.

Over three days, one of our expert team will work with you to identify, plan for and begin implementation of the change process to a teaching for mastery model.

With a long-established and proven record of success, mastery approaches will help you and your mathematics team to significantly improve the attainment of all pupils in your school.

The consultation is equally appropriate for primary, secondary and all-through schools.

Example Programme

Day 1: Review and Needs Analysis

  • an in depth review of schemes of work, assessment systems and teaching (including visiting lessons and watching teaching)
  • discussions with the HoD and other staff
  • a department meeting at the end of the day to discuss findings and identify the way forward

Day 2: Pupil Groups and Curriculum design

  • a review of how pupils are grouped and the attainment range in each cohort
  • plans for gathering diagnostic data
  • staffing plan, including a review of subject knowledge and subject specific pedagogy
  • curriculum plan for specific classes

Day 3: Road Map for Implementation

  • discussions with HoD
  • implementation plan
  • half day workshop with full department
  • agreed next steps and timeline for moving from current position


The mastery implementation days were quite possibly the most impactful CPD anyone in the department has taken part in. Having a sound understanding of mastery and continually promoting this as Head of Maths, it was great to have Mark work with the department. Having the knowledge, experience and well-earned credibility there in person, to field any challenging questions was the most valuable part of the entire experience. As the implementation if fairly bespoke, it can be tailored to your department’s wants and needs, hence empowering staff and in my experience, becoming more invested in our journey towards mastery. I do not think I would have achieved this on my own, or certainly not in this short space of time.

I would thoroughly recommend this to any Head of Maths considering a mastery approach to learning, it has kick started the whole process for us at St Andrew’s Academy and I plan to to have follow up three days, beginning this time next year.
Gary Lamb, Principal Teacher of Mathematics, St Andrew’s Academy
Mark has been an absolute inspiration and has played a huge part in our department’s development. The 3 day consultation allowed the team time to understand the meaning of Mastery teaching and to be able to set our schemes of work correctly. Every moment was beneficial and money well spent. Our department has gone from strength to strength over the year and Mark’s guidance and support has been invaluable.

La Salle has continued to support our department and we all know they are on the end of the phone with no question too unimportant for them to solve and respond to our needs. I would strongly recommend the 3 day consultation days to anyone who wants to drive their department forward and to allow all students to progress in mathematics. Thank you Mark you are fantastic!





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