Head of Maths Development Programme

Building Leadership

Effective subject leadership is at the heart of providing the very best outcomes for students. It drives standards in the classroom, creates an environment in which every teacher continues to learn and develop, ensures that all staff have access to evidence and fosters high expectations of all.

The Head of Maths Development Programme is ideal for those subject leaders in their first 3 years of running a department or those who are aiming to lead mathematics within the next year.

Our Approach

The programme consists of three face-to-face events across the academic year, supported between events by an extensive online community and free access to three national maths education conferences.

Each participant will work with colleagues from other schools across the country, forming a supportive Professional Learning Network, meaning that every member of the course has an extended group of professionals – at a similar stage in their career, facing similar challenges – who they can draw on and give support to for many years to come.

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Session Overview

Session 1 - Leading High Quality Teaching

Effective leaders are able to model the behaviours, skills and knowledge that they would like to see in others. They recognise that each and every teacher is an individual with theories and different experiences.

This session will explore practical ways of unleashing the potential that lies within the department and inspiring excellence. Understanding that each teacher has something to add but is always capable of growing more is crucial to developing a common purpose and shared culture of high expectations, intellectual rigour and continual improvement. We will consider why a growth mindset is equally important for teachers as it is for students.

Delegates will leave the session with the aim of getting the most out of every member of their team, with practical support and advice on doing so.

Session 2 - The Nuts and Bolts

Structures, systems, processes, budgets and human resource deployment can make or break a mathematics department.

This session will explore effective practices, with plenty of hints and tips for putting in place the right foundations at your school. This will include SMT liaison and how to communicate and involve parents in their child’s mathematics education.

Delegates will take away example materials as well as sharing with each other their own approaches, successes and failures.

Session 3 - Spotting Learning, Identifying Effective Practice and Improvement Planning

Spotting learning – actually knowing if a child has embedded new knowledge or skills as a result of teaching – is an incredibly complex and difficult thing to achieve. Yet, a great myth pervades England’s schools that the impact of a teacher can be quickly measured.

This session will explore how to truly spot learning, identify the teaching processes that lead to real learning and then create a culture of continual improvement without fear. The session will also consider the practical issues of monitoring pupil progress, target setting and assessment, as a means of informing improvement at an individual and department level.

Session 4 - Curriculum Design, Learning Design and Learning Environments

Putting in place a carefully considered curriculum, one which every member of the department feels invested in and signs up to pedagogically, is key to ensuring all students are able to make excellent progress in mathematics. The journey needs to take account of what students do and do not yet understand, needs to ensure that non-negotiable fundamentals are secure before building on top of them and needs to be flexible and fluid so that no student is left behind and no teaching time is wasted. Designing the learning experiences that fit inside the curriculum journey is probably the most intellectually demanding process that any teacher encounters.

This session will explore the wealth of trialed and proven learning materials and activities that exist in the maths community. Finally, getting the environment right (both built environment and emotional and cultural environment) is essential in enabling all teachers and students to perform at their highest. This session will explore the ways in which curriculum, learning and environment design can work together to accelerate student progress.

Delegates will leave the session with a vast amount of resources, practical hints and tips and plenty of great ideas that have stood the test of time and research.

Locations and Dates:

Future dates and locations for the the Head of Maths Development Programme are yet to be confirmed.

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