Bar Modelling


This full day CPD event will look at bar modelling and how it can facilitate learning in the classroom.

An advantage of using bar modelling is that the visual aspect gives an entry point into learning a topic which may be difficult to grasp through the learning of algorithms. When learning a new topic pupils need to be given every possibility to make meaning of the mathematical structure and to be given every opportunity to explore the ideas. They need to make connections to efficient symbolic and abstract approaches using explicit and precise mathematical language.

During this CPD we will be looking at the many applications of bar modelling and how it can be used in your classroom to increase pupils' understanding and attainment.


Bar models are a pictorial representation of problems or concepts. They can be used for:
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
and are useful for problems involving:
  • Ratio
  • Variation
  • Solving equations
  • Linear simultaneous equation

Course Leader - Gordon Brough

Gordon entered the world of teaching as a mature entrant in 1990 and is now an integral part of the La Salle Education team, working with schools across the country as part of Complete Mathematics.

He has worked in 9 schools full time. He was Head of Maths in 4 schools and an Assistant Headteacher in 1 school. His experience was gained in schools in Essex, Havering, Knowsley, Liverpool and Thurrock.

In all of the schools that he worked in Gordon improved the results in Maths, often achieving the best ever results in the history of the school.

He has trained PGCE students and always developed teachers and their leadership skills. Gordon took a spell out of teaching and he trained as an Executive and Business Coach with the Institute of Leadership and Management.

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Wednesday 27 September

Thursday 28 September

Friday 29 September

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