Ratio and Proportion

Written by David McEwan Sunday, 16 June 2019

Edited and compiled by Robert J Smith @RJS2212

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'Ratio and Proportion’ ' is a blog preview of David McEwan's #MathsConf19 session/workshop being run at #MathsConf19.

We’ll look at Ratio and Proportion, from first principles through to advanced topics in GCSE. I’ll highlight the principles which link the teaching and the assessment of Ratio and Proportion in a mixture of theory, visual representations and application to exam questions. I’ll also cover how the subject develops from Foundation to Higher and how Assessment Objectives influence the questions we write. So, if you want to know why equality of ratios is more than just a definition of proportion, how to find the multiplier for an inverse percentage from a bar model, or why ratios keep appearing as fractions in exam questions, this is the session for you.

You can see David McEwan speak about "Ratio and Proportion" during #MathsConf19 at the Penistone Grammar School on Saturday 22nd June

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David McEwan

David McEwan tweets as @AQAMATHS David is the Curriculum Manager for Maths at AQA and was the Qualifications Manager for Post-16 Maths during the initial stages A-level reform. Prior to working at AQA he was a teacher of mathematics for 10 years in Surrey and Hampshire. His background is in Operational Research and he spent the first part of his working life in industry. Golf, football, travel and socialising are just some of the things he has had to give up now that he has children but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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