La Salle Education raises £1M to make high quality maths tuition accessible to all students

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

La Salle’s platform includes everything needed to teach, learn and assess mathematics from primary to A-Level, both in-school and remotely.

London, United Kingdom: La Salle has successfully completed a new round of funding of just under £1M. La Salle’s existing shareholders supported the round and were joined by new investors who see a substantial opportunity to address a new, direct-to-consumer market by utilising La Salle’s digital technologies.

La Salle’s existing product, Complete Mathematics, is already well used by schools in the UK and overseas, supporting teachers to plan and deliver highly impactful lessons on a platform underpinned by the world’s most comprehensive maths curriculum. Building on its existing technology, La Salle has now developed a new, complementary offering in response to the post-COVID demand from parents and families seeking high-quality, comprehensive maths tuition online. This new ‘digital tutor’ will bring about all the benefits of a real-life tutor but at a fraction of the cost to schools and families.

“I am delighted that current and new investors are supporting the business to launch our new ‘digital tutor’ product” says Mark McCourt, CEO at La Salle. “We know that around 25% of pupils in the UK already benefit from private tuition, but those benefits are not accessible to the rest of the population due to the high cost of a real life tutor. This new funding will support the rollout of our ‘digital tutor’, thereby levelling the playing field and bringing maths tuition to all families regardless of income level. It’s a hugely exciting initiative that will really help pupils from all backgrounds and from anywhere in the world be successful in learning mathematics.”

This new round of funding will be used to grow the customer base in the UK, where catch-up funding has been made available for schools to invest in high quality tuition aids and internationally, bringing universal access to high quality mathematics education and support.

In 2021, La Salle will:

  • Launch the world’s first fully comprehensive ‘digital tutor’ for mathematics, covering all areas of the curriculum for all age and ability levels.
  • Provide ‘summer school’ access for pupils free of charge, with the intent of ensuring low income families are equally well-equipped for a successful academic year.
  • Meet international demand for individually tailored maths tuition that removes the need for a conventional tutor - with hyper-personalised digital tuition delivered at a truly affordable price.

About La Salle:

La Salle Education was founded in 2013 to support teachers of mathematics. The community of teachers using its services has grown rapidly, with thousands of teachers from around the world regularly attending La Salle events and receiving professional development from the company. La Salle supports teachers effectively and efficiently through its online teaching, learning, assessment and monitoring platform, Complete Mathematics. In 2020, La Salle launched trials of its ‘digital tutor’ product, attracting an immediate user base. The company is now taking the next step in helping pupils by using its intelligent technologies and comprehensive content to offer online tuition at a genuinely affordable price.

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