How to Change the Subject of a Formula

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Edited and compiled by Robert J Smith @RJS2212

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'How to Change the Subject of a Formula, 100% guaranteed’ ' is a blog preview of Joe Berwick's #MathsConf19 session/workshop being run at #MathsConf19.

Changing the subject of a formula is a key part of secondary school mathematics, and yet it’s a topic so many students struggle to master. Some techniques like ‘flipping’ can cause misconceptions. Function machines break down when the rearrangement has to deal with the subject on both sides. There must surely be a way that is consistent and works every time? This technique builds on Kris Boulton’s techniques of Direct Instruction from the conference in Birmingham to create a faultless approach to changing the subject of a formula. Students can struggle with changing the subject of a formula because they get confused with the method that has to be applied. This ‘new’ technique aims to eradicate that struggle. More research will have been done compared to the workshop given in March and more situations will be added.

You can see Joe Berwick speak about "How to Change the Subject of a Formula, 100% guaranteed" during #MathsConf19 at the Penistone Grammar School on Saturday 22nd June

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