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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Edited and compiled by Robert J Smith @RJS2212

La Salle Education will be hosting @LaSalleEd MathsConf19 #MathsConf19 on Saturday 22nd June 2019, tickets still available.


'Emile Education - Free Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) Resource’ ' is a blog post by exhibitor Emile Education who will be at #MathsConf19.

As you may know, the MTC will be an online check in a three week period June each year for pupils in year 4 that checks their knowledge of the 2-12 times tables. Schools can decide when their pupils will sit the check within this 3 week period. The school can also decide on what device type – tablet or computer (there’s no paper option). The MTC will be different for each and every child as the test features a set of 25 generated times tables questions.

Brilliantly, a company has developed a resource which mimics the tests and so allows pupils to practice and teachers to track progress – MTC with Emile – which is free for all schools.

Pupils have 6 seconds to read the question, understand it, and enter a response. They will then receive a 3 second pause before the next question is shown.

So with 9 seconds for each question and 25 questions, the test will take 225 seconds or 3 minutes 45 seconds. (A bit of maths for me to do there.)

Questions will be made up from the 2-12 multiplication tables. The table shown here gives the maximum and minimum number of questions that will be presented to the pupils.

Please remember that these checks will only become compulsory from June 2020. So that means your current year 3 students will be expected to undertake the check.

The results will not form part of the league tables but Ofsted will have access and they will more than likely come up during an Ofsted inspection in a similar way to phonics checks.

You can see Emile Education - Maths Table Check (MTC) Resource as an exhibitor at #MathsConf19 at the Penistone Grammar School on Saturday 22nd June

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