Every member of our team shares a common goal to improve maths education for all.


La Salle Education was formed in 2013 building on our years of experience of running major reform and improvement programmes, including the NCETM.


We work with schools across the UK, with our associate team giving us unprecedented regional knowledge and insight, we are able to contextualise our support to fit the needs of your school community.


Mark McCourt has been at the centre of mathematics education improvement for over a decade. He founded La Salle as a company completely focussed on helping maths teachers to continue to improve.

Our Focus

100% mathematics... because it unlocks potential in everyone

La Salle Education is a UK based company dedicated to improving mathematics education. Our company consists of leading experts in mathematics teaching and learning, having been responsible for some of the major reforms in education in both the UK and overseas.

We believe that the key to improvement is to understand the entire process from teaching, learning, assessing and development. This is why our approach 'Complete Mathematics' provides an environment for each of these phases.

Why La Salle?

because developing teachers is what really counts

Jean-Baptiste de la Salle is the patron saint of teachers. He was the leading figure in establishing the need for teacher professional development and pioneered the idea that education should be accessible to all. This spirit of egalitarianism and the commitment to teacher CPD drive our organisation.

Too often, publishers or awarding bodies create products for sale without understanding the day-to-day life of ordinary teachers. So many books, resources, materials and activities fall by the wayside because publishers have not taken account of the professional development need that the introduction of a different scheme demands. As education policy and initiatives change, resources that schools have invested large sums of money in become redundant.

At La Salle, we are teachers and we work with teachers. Our approach 'Complete Mathematics' is to have an ongoing relationship with the schools that subscribe to our services. It is not just a product, it is membership of a supportive community working together through professional learning networks to continually improve together.

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